Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a rich country in terms of culture, natural resources and also business. Despite the challenges it has faced for many years, this very dynamic market continues to strongly develop. With its young and educated population of more than 90 million, Vietnam is ranked the world’s 14th most populous country (average age of the population: 29).

In recent years, the high-growth country has made great progress regarding international integration, which makes it a stable nation. Various factors are taken into account to describe a country as a stable, such as economic growth, favorable demographic change or stable political base. These criteria, considered favorable on Vietnamese soil, allow to attract more and more foreign investors.

Showing the wish to become an important player in global economy, Vietnamese Government creates strong links with the outside world and makes every effort to strengthen exchanges with its foreign partners. Their ongoing efforts end up paying as  a large number of European companies establish offices in Vietnam and strengthen their position there.

Officially member of the international trade organization since 2007, the country has made great advances in economic terms. In addition to the agreements and associations between countries in Southeast Asia, a free trade agreement between Vietnam and the European Union, which is expected to enter into force in 2018, has been signed in order to facilitate and protect foreign investments. Vietnamese market should be even more free and accessible for you, investors who do not yet dare to embark on this potential market.

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