Vietnam: its growing desire for education

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Vietnam is a booming country which top priority is education system.

A large part of the country’s budget is set for training Vietnamese young generation, which now represents more than 40% of the total population. The government lead to the development of education sector by strongly improving learning conditions at all levels of education. International quality level standards have been put in place in the education system to give the same chance to all young people to be successful. Being increasingly requested by great names in IT field, Vietnamese government has decided to train the young generation to new technologies from an early age. The goal is to prepare them to the outside world and enable them to have a good position on a global scale. All branches are concerned but with its constantly growing turnover, computer science attracts a special attention. Students are trained in computer science and mathematics in a very intense way enabling them to acquire in-depth knowledge and to be ready to face the working world.

With the continuous development of IT, the demand for Vietnam’s services strongly rises every year. Government’s efforts to meet this demand end up paying off as for nearly 20 years Vietnam has positioned itself among the most computer-savvy countries in the world, ready to meet all customer needs. IT company giants see this market as a revolution in their field. Samsung, LG and Intel have been established in this country that now plays in the course of the great. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have become spots for the digital world. According to IT experts, IT specialists in Vietnam provide a unique and highly qualified work through the training they receive since the beginning of their studies and that is what justifies their success. And with the large number of foreign companies coming to Vietnam, the number of IT developers is expected to increase by 20% by 2020.

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