Why is it time for outsourcing to Vietnam?

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There are different factors to keep in mind when considering outsourcing. One of them is location. Of all countries in the world, Vietnam is by far one of the most potential markets in IT industry. And you know why? Because...

The country's economy is healthy !

Vietnam has experienced a strong increase in its GDP over the past years, which makes the country one of the fastest growing economy in the world. And this trend is expected to persist in the next years. The economic boom is due to the Vietnamese Government that does everything in its power to maintain the country's economic and political stability in order to improve business and ease relations with foreign countries.

It has great IT talent !

Times are changing and trends are changing with them. We are moving from cheap labor force to highly qualified experts. Vietnamese IT developers do leading-edge work that is being recognized by everyone as some of the best work in the world. Moreover, the youth population in Vietnam, which represents a significant percentage, is subject to high level training in computer science field. The Vietnamese Government promotes IT education and offers advantages to those who decide to go down this path. True genius are taking over. The future ensures to be even brighter than ever...

Costs are competitive !

Despite the fact that workforce is highly skilled and qualified in Vietnam, the costs remain effective. This criteria represents one of the most important advantages of outsourcing to Vietnam. In recent years, the country has been attracting thousands of foreign companies for its ability to keep the prices as low as possible. Yes, high quality can exist side by side with low costs!

The world situation is changing !

The election of Donald Trump and the decision of Britain to leave the European Union caused changes in terms of trade policy. Gaining UK and US work permits for foreign IT specialists will be challenging. This is why considering outsourcing for countries such as Vietnam is the best alternative. Thanks to modern tech skills and the rise in IT industry, Vietnam positions itself as the best destination for companies that seek for quality and competitive costs.

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